#PorscheSlush2018 – The next 70 years @ Future Transportation Side Event

Are you the game changer of mobility? Join us on our enduring mission: to shape the future of sportscars. We are dreamers and we remain dreamers. But a dream without action is just a hallucination. So take action and get in touch with us. To shape the next 70 years.

Vitaly Ponomarev (CEO Wayray) and Christian Knörle (Innovation Management Lead) will give your more insights how this works out. Join our panel of the Future Transportation Slush Side Event.


Our speakers



Dr. Christian Knörle is driving the innovation strategy at Porsche in strong collaboration with startups. Porsche is on an enduring mission to create the future of the sportscar. On this journey, Porsche is taking a leap forward by creating an ultrafast charging infrastructure and launching its full-electric sportscar Taycan. Porsche is collaborating with early stage startups via its accelerator APX. For late stage startup collaborations, Porsche teams up with strong corporates to create Europe’s largest innovation platform Startup Autobahn. As a strategic investor, Porsche is focusing on new digital business models as well as future technologies.



Founder, strategic leader, and visionary behind WayRay, Vitaly Ponomarev implements complex innovations to deliver a second-to-none driving experience and reshape the future of mobility. With extensive experience in design and marketing as well as a deep knowledge of science and IT, Vitaly bends all his energy to advancing holographic AR technology. Under his direction, WayRay created Navion, morphed from a startup into a full-cycle manufacturer, and established partnerships with major automakers.


#PorscheSlush2018 – Join us @ Porsche Booth

You want to get more insight how to collaborate with us? You want to see how we shape the future of the sportscar – together with our partners? Come and join us, WIRED and many of our collaboration partners at our Porsche Booth.




DAy 1


10:45 aM

Intro & Welcome Slush


10:55 aM

How to collaborate with Porsche?


11:05 aM

Eyes on the road: How AR will change the car industry.


11:15 aM

Smart navigation for electric vehicles

Collaboration panel


Design Session


1:0o PM

Campfire talk: The future of maps


Porsche X wired session


2:00 PM

Shouldn’t technology feel more human?


2:15 PM

Would Apple ask external developers to come to cupertino?


3:00 PM

Porsche X Wired Workshop: Create the future of the sportscar (invite only)


Demonstration Session


3:00 PM

Demo Showcases


Future transportation side event


5:40 PM

Shaping the Future of the Sportscar: The next 70 years




APX investors day


10:00 AM

Welcome and introduction


10:30 am

Startup pitches with Q&A


11:30 am

Individual meetings with startups at the Porsche booth


E-performance session


1:00 pm

Porsche Performance electrified


1:10 pm

Bringing Sportscars to the next level


1:20 pm

World’s first electric autonomous race series


1:30 PM

E-Performance Panel


Design Session


2:30 pm

Campfire Talks: The future of maps


3:00 pm


The future of the sportscar & wrap up of two days of Slush

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