FUTURE TRANSPORTATION – #Sustainablemobility




3:00 pM

Future Transportation Opening
Yasmine Blair


3:05 pM

Data and Technology - The foundation of a smarter and sustainable future of mobility
Keynote by Sabine Scheunert (Mercedes-Benz)


03:20 pM

Sustainable Cities: How to create tomorrow’s urban smart infrastructure?

Panel with: André Felker (, Pekka Möttö (Kyyti), Kerem Odabasi (Kodeco), Arne Junker (AT Kearney)

Moderator: Lucette Dements (London and Partners)


03:45 pM

Replacing your car with your phone. Towards a future of shared mobility and cleaner cities
Keynote by Joel Järvinen (Uber)


4:0o PM

Data Driven: Will data solutions enable mobility
innovation leaps?

Panel with: Vlado Koljibabic (Mercedes-Benz), Jan Erik Solem (Mapillary), Andrey Bolshakov (Mgwatt), Harri Santamala (Sensible4)

Moderator: Ben Constantini (Startup Sesame)


4:25 PM

A New Chapter in the History of Porsche: Electromobility, Sustainability and the Zero Impact Factory
Keynote by Daniela Rathe (Porsche)


4:40 PM

The role of unmanned aviation in the future of sustainable transportation
Keynote by Titta Andersson-Bohren (Wing, Alphabet Company)


5:05 PM

Future Logistics and Transportation: Move the world - autonomous, electric and efficient
Panel with: Robert Falck (Einride), Olivier Le Lann (Eva), Dr. Markus Kückelhaus (DHL) 

Moderator: Mitchell Gorodkin (White Star Capital)


5:20 PM

How we are changing mobility for good?
Keynote by Lawrence Leuschner (TIER)


5:45 PM

Transit to Electrification: Will mobility be an electric game?
Panel with: Yoann Loetscher (Enuu), Florian Riedl (EnBW), Konrad Bergström (Xshore), Wilko Stark 

Moderator: Prof.Dr. Christopher Jahns (Exponential University)


6:00 pM

Empowering sustainable mobility solutions
Axel Tuchlenski  (Lanxess)


6:25 pm

You can’t innovate alone! Cooperation Models for Future Mobility Solution
Panel with: Christian Lindener (Airbus Bizlab), Ming Xuan Lee (EDB Singapore), Christian Lessing (tb.lx)


6:50 PM

Closing words
Yasmine Blair



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